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Dear europeans if you cant handle a loss this game isn`t for you. If the other team is leading with 4 to 6 goals and there is a couple of minutes left of the cap and they start to pass back to each other more, do 360 passes or either just try to solo dribble its not being toxic, its just having fun in eyes of the players. Its not being disrespectful towards you. If they start typing **** to you then thats another story but to say that russians are toxic because they are having a bit of fun in the last couple of minutes and your not able to do anything about it dosent mean you can cry and tell them to play the game " properly "

also dear akso

If your telling russians that its disrespectful to speak russian on your server ( which you moved your location to moscow ) then how isnt it disrespectful that you come to our russian servers and speak english when more people have trouble understanding you. Also you talk about being mature but whenever a russian enters your sever or you guys enter a russian server you write stupid **** like " cyka, idi nahui " and so on but we dont mind it, so who is the mature one here? You might wanna tell the other guys who play on your server to dont speak french or german or for that sake danish cause its being disrespectful towards your rules but it seems as you dont mind unless its a russian so please F off :)


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